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Kai Klaas
11/06/11 06:04
  11/06/11 06:05

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#184563 - Redesign your circuit!
Responding to: Arif Deshmukh's previous message
Arif said:
When its inputs are floating then its output should be at high impedance state.

Floating and high impedance state can never be active levels in any kind of circuit, because floating means, that there's no path to shunt interference to ground. A floating place is extremely sensitive to noise, leakage currents and charge injections from switchings. It's so sensitive, that a good developer avoids floating at all and always adds pull-ups or pull-downs.

Another disadvantage is, that a floating potential at the input of a CMOS-inverter can dramatically increase its power consumption.

And, finally, there is a conceptual mistake: How to detect floating at all? By the help of a potential? Well, each toggling from low to high or vice versa means a brief "floating" then...

Kai Klaas

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