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Richard Erlacher
11/07/11 07:21
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Denver, Co

#184574 - let's get down to low-level details
Responding to: Arif Deshmukh's previous message
Arif Deshmukh said:
Thanks for replies.

I want to drive four Common Anode 7-segment display.
I tested on 74LS245, its out is at logic "1" when its input is kept floating or not connected to "1" or "0", so all the segment of display always on.
So I am looking for such buffer IC whose output strictly follows the input. I mean when input is 1 or 0 then only output is 1 or 0 and if input is floating output should be at high impedance.

Suggest me any other solution of this problem if possible.


Are you saying you require a buffer that not only drives the input logic level to either 1 or 0, but also senses that the input has gone to a high-impedance state? How, exactly, would you define that high-impedance state, and how would you propose to sense it?

There are buffers that offer a high-impedance output when an output enable pin is driven either high or low, depending on its type, but I know of none that straightforwardly detects a high-impedance state at its logic input. Generally speaking, you must know when you want the output to go to a high-impedance state. If you can provide an output enable, then you can use something like the 74HC125 or 74HC126. Take a look at those two datasheets and then decide whether that is what you want, and make your decision known. That will provide a starting point.

If you want to detect a high-impedance state, you have to define how you would detect it. That may not be so easy.


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