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11/07/11 20:24
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#184583 - One other quick question for all you smart people.
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Sweet. I2C was a pain in the butt too, making sure you get an ACK or a NACK, blah blah. With SPI, it looks like you select the device with a port pin, then shoot the data out.

One other question, off-topic, if anyone would be so kind....
I planned on scaling a 0-5V Analog signal to a 0-3.3 volt signal for an ADC to read. I was going to use a couple resistors. The thing is, the Voltage signal is at a high frequency (~4kHZ) and will be sampled at around 10-12kHZ. Will I lose any resolution or add any noise to the circuit by doing this, or would I be better off getting an ADC with a 5V VREF?

I can provide more info if need be. Thanks.

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