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11/08/11 23:48
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#184595 - at89c51RE2
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let me ask one more question)

I checked the formula for internal BRG speed (given in manual for at89c51RE2 on 84p: there are much oа misunderstanding of "X2" bit option.

In my application I have T0 & T1 busy in their tasks and UART0 and UART1 require to be running both in master "3" mode, but 0 with 9600 bauds and "1" with 2400 bauds. I understand how to setup values for SCON, BDRCON, BRL and ES, but please explain what should be loaded in BRL and all mess with mentioned "X2" bit (and around) programming.

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Both UARTs simultaneous works      Alex Volk      11/04/11 08:16      
   yes      Erik Malund      11/04/11 09:49      
      Both with Queues      Michael Karas      11/04/11 12:50      
         C code      Alex Volk      11/04/11 15:11      
         Or C      Neil Kurzman      11/04/11 16:54      
            No simultaneous work      Alex Volk      11/04/11 21:09      
               The Example is for one UART      Neil Kurzman      11/04/11 22:03      
               Duplicate or Generalise      Andy Neil      11/05/11 04:45      
   at89c51RE2      Alex Volk      11/08/11 23:48      
      Start a new thread      Andy Neil      11/09/11 00:08      
         The same      Alex Volk      11/09/11 05:19      
            but not same problem      Erik Malund      11/09/11 06:30      

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