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Per Westermark
11/10/11 18:11
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#184623 - Wow
Responding to: Arif Deshmukh's previous message
And how many manufacturers do you actually have good switches?

There are a huge number of good switches out there. Haven't you even spent 5 minutes looking?

At least for the matrix keyboard, you really have to think a bit extra, i.e. what type of buttons you want. Cheapest possible, then go for similar buttons as for reset. But maybe you instead want buttons with larger surface to press on, and possibly showing a symbol?

Another thing - you want much or little bounce? Buttons with very little bounce might be seen as high quality. But for teaching students, it's way better to have lots of bounce so their programs fails badly if they haven't added debounce code.

If you wanted to look at least a tiny bit competent, you should have posted links to buttons you had located, and instead ask if we could give some feedback. Right now, you make a post where you obviously expects other forum visitors to be free labour. Why should we do your job? Because we are so bored, and haven't anything else to do?

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