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Richard Erlacher
11/13/11 01:42
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Denver, Co

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#184713 - While your comment makes sense ...
Responding to: ???'s previous message
... Wouldn't it make more sense to get a datasheet first, and only then buy a component? You can request data or simply download it from the www if you're researching a project.

If you see a component for sale without its datasheet, you should as whether it is available. If not, try to find one somewhere, perhaps outside your home country, where you can acquire both the datasheet and the component. That's not often easy. However, it's necessary if you expect to succeed in applying the component.

Once you've seen a datasheet for the type of component you believe you need, you can see what factors are important in its implementation. SOmetimes, in the case of LCD displays, all you need is the datasheet for the controller IC, and the display's connector pinout. This may not entirely satisfy your needs, but it may give you a starting point.


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