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Michael Karas
11/14/11 04:39
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Beaverton Or

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#184723 - To Really Comprehend This Display
Responding to: Daniel Contarino's previous message
To really comprehend this display one has to read and understand the data sheets for the MSM5298A and the MSM5260.



If you take any time at all you'll soon realize that this very old 1990's vintage LCD display module depends upon the host electronics to provide a continuous feed of data to keep the whole 240x64 display showing a graphic pattern. The MSM5298A is a device used to select which row of the LCD dots to display at any one time. The MSM5260 provides drive for the columns of the display. It can support 80 columns so three of these parts are strung together in series to support the full 240 pixel width of the display. In real time it is necessary to shift out 240 bits of data to the display for each row in succession. If done fast enough at the correct speed a full display of multiplexed pixel data can be achieved.

Personally I think that messing around with this old display would be a pain in the arse. There are other choices of more modern graphic displays where the controller on board the module has a memory to hold all of the display pixels and then it provides all the real time scanning and multiplexing without the host controller having to do all that work. There are plenty of graphic type displays available for low cost on eBay. Many are even color graphic as surplus from high volume cell phone and PDA manufacturing.

Michael Karas

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