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Zeeshan Ashraf
11/17/11 08:14
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#184775 - Multiple Analog Outputs.
I have an application where i need to generate upto 24 analog voltage outputs, with around 12-bits of resolution. Single-channel DACs are out of question as it will increase the cost and PCB space by too much.

I have seen a few Multi-channel DACs (2x or 3x or even 8x channels) from maxim, Analog Devices, etc., but somehow these parts are not available in my place. The next best option seems to be to place an order online on maybe Digikey or some other re-seller to get them.

However, i was wondering if there is another way to achieve a multi-channel analog output module. Precision and speed are not very critical, as the outputs are supposed to send a speed and/or position signal to a Servo drive to control dampers for Air flow.

This might sound stupid, but i was wondering what if multiple Sample-and-hold amplifiers are used in front of a DAC and the DAC is run at a high speed to output a voltage that is "latched" in a Sample and Hold amp ? Lets say we talk about 8x SnH amps at front of a DA ?

Is this even possible / practical ?


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Multiple Analog Outputs.      Zeeshan Ashraf      11/17/11 08:14      
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            RE: #184785 - Same-same      Zeeshan Ashraf      11/17/11 11:32      
               why do you think I said "high input impedance"?      Erik Malund      11/17/11 11:46      
      Similar stuff !      Zeeshan Ashraf      11/17/11 11:59      
   State the actual requirement!      Andy Neil      11/17/11 12:26      
      RE:#184789 - State the actual requirement!      Zeeshan Ashraf      11/17/11 14:16      
         Still no answer to "need"      Per Westermark      11/17/11 14:22      
         No, that is not a requirement!      Andy Neil      11/17/11 15:28      
            Very interesting how this always comes up      Justin Fontes      11/18/11 10:31      
            RE: #184792 - No, that is not a requirement!      Zeeshan Ashraf      11/19/11 16:48      
               Yes, bits matter      Per Westermark      11/19/11 17:03      

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