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Erik Malund
11/17/11 09:57
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Mt Airy, Nc

#184778 - not for commercial use
Responding to: Zeeshan Ashraf's previous message
However, i was wondering if there is another way to achieve a multi-channel analog output module. Precision and speed are not very critical, as the outputs are supposed to send a speed and/or position signal to a Servo drive to control dampers for Air flow.

This might sound stupid, but i was wondering what if multiple Sample-and-hold amplifiers are used in front of a DAC and the DAC is run at a high speed to output a voltage that is "latched" in a Sample and Hold amp ? Lets say we talk about 8x SnH amps at front of a DA ?

Is this even possible / practical ?

practical, no
smart, no
feasible, no
good, no
legal for commercial use, no

now since you are in farawayistan and do not have access to a full range of components:


however clumsy and imprecise id possible if your device receiveing the analogs has a reasonably high input impedance use analog switches to switch between caps connected to the high impedance analog inputs.

this would be a reckless approach to a commercial product


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