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Andy Neil
11/17/11 15:28
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#184792 - No, that is not a requirement!
Responding to: Zeeshan Ashraf's previous message
Zeeshan Ashraf said:
What it mean is that i need (sic?)to use a 12-bit DAC

No, that is not your requirement - that is your current proposal to meet some requirement!

As an illustration, see this blog post by Dave Van Ess:

Dave Van Ess said:
When I am out showing off [my product] I will have customers draw out a schematic and ask if [my product] can do that. A schematic is a solution, not a definition. I end up asking just what are they trying to do. When they tell us We then figure out how to do it the [my product] way.

See: - last paragraph

Specifying numbers of bits here is, effectively, sketching a schematic - not defining the problem.

So, again, what is your actual requirement?

ie, what specific performance criteria does your system need to meet?

Or, to put it another way, why do you think you "need" (sic?)to use a 12-bit DAC?
Why, for example, could you not use an 8-bit DAC...?

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