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11/19/11 01:32
  11/19/11 01:33

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#184801 - D48.CTL - Control File errors
New to D48.exe.

My .ctl file has the following
r 00 Iram00
r 01 Iram01
r 02 Iram02
r 03 Iram03

I am getting the following error.
Invalid register address: 0x72 'r 00 Iram00'
Invalid register address: 0x72 'r 01 Iram01'
Invalid register address: 0x72 'r 02 Iram02'
Invalid register address: 0x72 'r 03 Iram03'

I have bee using this for years with D52.exe but it is illegal in D48.exe? I have not been able to find any .ctl file examples for D48 to figure out the proper syntax. Any links? Please help...

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D48.CTL - Control File errors      FR Wilk      11/19/11 01:32      
   It might not be a bad thing to provide more information        Richard Erlacher      11/19/11 03:47      
   What is "D48.exe" ?? RTFM?      Andy Neil      11/19/11 04:24      
   Check the manual for d52      Maunik Choksi      11/19/11 04:52      
   Check the source code !!      Michael Karas      11/19/11 10:30      
   which version      Jan Waclawek      11/19/11 13:46      

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