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Josť Roberto De Moraes
11/19/11 16:14
  11/19/11 16:17

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Sao Paulo

#184822 - Microflash.exe: superceded by ATMELISP
Just for the record (I hope this text can be Googled).

What follows is an old advice from Elektor Electronics for not using Microflash.exe:

"Microflash should not be used anymore, especially under Windows XP, as it often produces erratic results.
We now advise downloading and using ATMELISP from . (, Version 21.5.2005, 709 K).After pressing "DK7JD" in the lower left corner the program is configured correctly for the Elektor 89S8252 Flash board. Also, select the right COM port in the upper left corner."

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