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Richard Erlacher
11/20/11 16:08
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Denver, Co

#184840 - I've got some other old MCU and MPU chips ...
Responding to: Bert Van Den Berg's previous message
Starting with the 8008, though that one was converted into a High-Tech-Tie-Tack (it's only 18 pinsbut nice gold ones and a gold lid) and a few Motorola single-chippers, (6801L1, with the built-in "LilBug" monitor, 68705's of various flavors, 68HC11-family members, etc.), not to mention V40 and V50, 80186/88 (like V50 and V40, but less-is-more) and, of course, lots of the old MPU's like 8080, 8085, 6800, 6802, ... and the 68008, etc.

If you want some of the old memory that went with 'em, that's around somewhere, too.


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