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Richard Erlacher
11/21/11 09:45
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Denver, Co

#184845 - I don't doubt what you said ...
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
I don't remember reading that in the late '70's when the basic decisions were being made, but I do remember the Intel salesman telling me that the '41/'42 were not the ones to use with external memory. Since the '35 was available, and at lower cost, it wasn't a difficult choice.

Along with the 805x, Intel had the "RUPI", 8044, about which I know very little, never having used it. That was a communication processor of some sort, IIRC.

The fact it came out along with the 805x's, yet had a number suggesting the earlier 8048-series, I'm not even sure to which family architecture it belongs.


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