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Richard Erlacher
11/24/11 00:58
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Denver, Co

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#184877 - Where you sit determines what you see ...
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
One thing is that different people have different views about what is a good climate to work in.

Another thing is that a mobile phone isn't just a device where teenage girls can walk around chatting with their friends all day.

Many people don't have a wrist watch. They use the mobile phone.

That's news to me! I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least one wristwatch.

Many people don't have a calendar/time planner. They use the mobile phone.
Many people don't have an alarm clock. They use the mobile phone.
Many people don't have a phone directory. They use the mobile phone.
Many people don't have a pocket calculator. They use the mobile phone.
Many people don't use a traditional mail program. They use the mobile phone.
Many people don't ...

I'm not sure why anyone would bring these items to work with them. I've never seen a need for an alarm clock at work. There's a clock on the wall. I don't expect people to sleep on the job, so they don't need an alarm. We have a phone book at the office. Every employee has at least one calculator (computer) sitting on the workspace in front of him/her. That provides not only the calculator, but a clock/calendar and an email program. They also have a telephone on their desk, and it's one with standard sidetone, so they don't find it necessary to shout.

So forbidding someone to bring their phone is enough of a show-stopper for lots of people.

I don't spend my day SMS:ing or talking with friends. But the phone is a very major information hub - if I go to work and forget it at home, I'll have lots of real problems in front of me. Without calendar, to-do lists, contact lists, ... I would be very much hampered.

Perhaps you should learn to use a computer. They're VERY convenient.

Lots of companies have thrown out stationary PC machines and POTS phones. Using mobile phones and laptops, it's possible to do lots of work while on an airport, in a car or while visiting a customer.

I run a consulting business. If my people need to work at the airport or on the bus, they can use a notebook, assuming they have one. If people have to come to the office it's to interact with others or to use facilities they lack at home. If they need to handle personal business, they should do that elsewhere. I don't mind if they go outside to their car to shout and what-not on their cellphones. Oddly enough, my guys never have done that.

Different people and different companies are at different positions on this sliding change in how we work. People at one end of the spectra may not interact well in a company that are at the other end of the spectra. But when working with information technology, we can't ignore the fact that new IT solutions can help us.

Until people learn to separate work and play, they have to be encouraged to leave their toys at home.

My guys don't use cellphones any more than I do. They have POTS phones at home, or VOIP, and that's where they handle their personal business. They are, after all, adults. I had to dismiss one guy because he was always shouting at his realtor about what he did and didn't want. It disrupted work for several weeks. When he lost his job, he was no longer able to buy a new house. He also was no longer able to disrupt work in my shop, which is what mattered to me.


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