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Michael Karas
11/29/11 21:33
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Beaverton Or

#184950 - Why Ask???
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Why ask what chip to use? The MAX701 has already been suggested to you. See -

If for some reason you cannot really find the data sheet for this the Maxim part numbers for DIP-8 packages are:


These parts are readily available in the US from web order distributors. In small quantity they are a bit spendy but are a good part for use on 5V VCC systems.

A nice feature of the MAX701 is that it offers reset on two pins, one a high true reset and the other a low true reset. In addition to that there is an input to which you can connect your reset switch.

You may also want to consider the DS1232 also readily available with the same features as the MAX701 but with an added WDT (watch dog timer) which can be helpful if your MCU happens to be exposed to excessive noise that could cause your firmware to crash. The DS1232 retails here in small quantity for about half of what you would expect to pay for the MAX701 but with the DS1232 you have to deal with the WDT even if you did not want that function and there is an extra tolerance select pin (TOL) that you may need to be concerned about setting appropriate to your system needs.

Michael Karas

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