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Matthias Arndt
12/04/11 02:25
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#185012 - SDCC's headers can be adapted
Responding to: Matthias Arndt's previous message
The stdint.h from SDCC seems to work ok however I personally would not trust the pointer types and widths.

However in a context of a 8051 MCU, Id rather introduce my own data type for pointers anyway due to the different possible memory spaces. A generic pointer will have to carry section information that has to be evaluated at runtime. A special typed pointer wont waste as many resources.

The stdbool.h from SDCC can be used as well. Just make sure to be Keil compatible and use the following definitions:

#define _Bool bit
#define BOOL bit
#define bool _Bool
#define __bool_true_false_are_defined 1


I leave the task of copying and/or adopting the files as an exercise to the readers. It works for me to have bool, and *int_*_t types at hand.

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               Yes possible. But maybe not economical.      Per Westermark      12/04/11 09:06      
               Not difficult      Andy Neil      12/04/11 14:36      

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