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Per Westermark
12/04/11 09:06
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#185015 - Yes possible. But maybe not economical.
Responding to: Matthias Arndt's previous message
Matthias Arndt said:
I don't see any feature there that would fail on a 8051. SDCC does it, so can do Keil, esp as their compiler really is great in all other aspects.

No one have claimed it to not be possible.

Just that it is a juggling act to decide what to include and what to not include.

It isn't too many who takes large sections of C99 code from other compilers and brings to the 8051 environment, so the incentive to add full C99 compliance isn't so great.

I don't think Keil sells so many new C51 licenses every year. People already have a 8051 compiler or they start new project with newer processor families.

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   ! StdInt.h      Michael Karas      12/03/11 12:42      
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      They have a statement on this...      Matthias Arndt      12/04/11 02:21      
         C90 conformance - not C99.      Per Westermark      12/04/11 05:32      
            I personally don't need full C99 compliance      Matthias Arndt      12/04/11 08:09      
               Yes possible. But maybe not economical.      Per Westermark      12/04/11 09:06      
               Not difficult      Andy Neil      12/04/11 14:36      

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