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Andy Neil
12/05/11 14:29
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#185021 - That's the problem...
Responding to: Matthias Arndt's previous message
Matthias Arndt said:
in a context of a 8051 MCU, Id rather introduce my own data type for pointers anyway due to the different possible memory spaces.


As already mentioned, doing 'C' on an 8051 requires some very specific extensions to the language - so it's hard to come up with a universally appropriate stdint.h

Matthias Arndt said:
#define _Bool bit
#define BOOL bit
#define bool _Bool
#define __bool_true_false_are_defined 1


But there are specific restrictions on the bit type - so you might not always want to have BOOL as just a synonym for bit...

These are probably a good reasons for Keil not to provide a stdint.h with their C51...

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               Yes possible. But maybe not economical.      Per Westermark      12/04/11 09:06      
               Not difficult      Andy Neil      12/04/11 14:36      

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