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Jan Waclawek
12/13/11 15:27
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#185082 - silabs with cache
Responding to: Frieder Ferlemann's previous message
Thanks for the comment, Frieder.

I went to the Silabs datasheets and I think I know how it works, but I need to have this confirmed.
So, normally, in the 25MHz parts, the unconditional jumps take some cycles, say 3 for SJMP or 4 for LJMP; and the conditionals appear to take a different number of cycles depending on whether the jump is or is not taken, say 2/3 for JC and 3/4 for JB.

Now this means, that if there is a cache miss, the instruction may take 4 cycles more to fetch the word containing the target of the jump. That happens only when the jump is taken with the conditionals, so I should write say 3/4+4 for JB, correct?

My problem is, that the datasheet mentions also less-than-four-cycle cache-miss penalties. How comes? I couldn't really find the explanation in the datasheet, and did not dig deeper back then (nor now).

Can anybody explain these details for the >25MHz Silabs's?



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