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12/16/11 10:17
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#185127 - A couple of thoughts
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You can go to the manufacturers of LCDs/GLCDs, if you require a custom built high quantity. I am sure they would be more than willing to help you design an OEM display. Just choose the right vendor by looking at what they offer already based on their construction styles.

If you are looking for a prototype and just want to try to get something that looks like your picture, I would suggest maybe taking a different approach by maybe a piece-wise presentation. Use an overlay that covers two different displays. You might try and start by identifying labels that will change or not change. For instance, you have "APON", but it looks like only the color indicator will change. Maybe that can be etched into the overlay. Secondly, you have many different font styles which is indicative of using a GLCD. Since you know the available space you have, you can choose from standard dot size and pitches that go on to create standard font dots that will fit within your space.

You may want to try and find some software that will show you the difference between font dots and help you create a font style. Maybe even simulate a GLCD.

If all of this just sounds frustrating, just get a display that you think will be easy to work with in order to understand the basic concepts. They have specific controller chips that will vary between LCD/GLCD models. This needs to work well with your code and MCU. Get a handle on the basics first and then expand. I believe you were also looking for kits. Try looking at the ucontroller vendors to see if they have the attachable GLCD (maybe with color, too). I do not know your knowledge of the embedded world, but it has it's own quirks that you need to get a hold of as well. A lot goes on to make a GLCD display pretty presentations.

I have to give fair mention. One site that really helped me out when I first started out with GLCDs was:

The creator of that site, Michael also posts here.

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