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01/03/12 22:12
  01/03/12 22:17

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#185293 - Check some small things
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Anil Kumar said:

sample[0] = f;
if (TH0 < 10)
if (scale > 9)

Look at the code Here you first make TH0 = 0 & then you check the condition for TH0 < 10 which is always satisfied.Check your code for that view point.

I didn't get how you calculate the freq. but one thing I want to point out is TH0 & TL0 will become 0 after crossing 65535 (TH0TL0) count. at that time you should increment another counter to store how much roll over occurs while working with higher frequencies.

learn also how to post source code from

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