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01/05/12 08:32
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#185322 - DOS software for EMUL51-PC
Does anyone have or know where I might obtain the DOS based software for Nohau EMUL51-PC?

Still have the emulator with serial box, cable and various pods, and a PC with a serial port that will boot into DOS. Somewhere along the way the software distribution diskette got tossed. Never thought I'd need this emulator again, but ...

Tried IceTech without success. They asked me to send them a copy if I can find one. So I'm hoping that someone has an old PC with the installation still on disk and will take the time to zip it up and send to me (and/or to "").

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DOS software for EMUL51-PC      Jim Vanelli      01/05/12 08:32      
   Ask Nohau? [ed]      Andy Neil      01/05/12 12:16      
   Might have      Anders Sandström      01/07/12 05:02      
      Still need it ...      Jim Vanelli      01/08/12 17:32      
         try to call this seller      Stefan KAnev      01/09/12 04:41      
            Interesting !      Jim Vanelli      01/09/12 16:41      
   ...      Jim Vanelli      01/09/12 16:38      

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