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Amit Sengupta
01/06/12 04:52
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#185346 - Strange Problem in P89v51rd2bn
Here is a strange problem in p89v51rd2bn the following code causes Port0 to 0xff

MOV AUXR,#0x00 // Disable External RAM
MOVX A,@DPTR // This Instruction writes 0xff to P0

Please share any solution regarding this problem

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   what is in DPTR?      Jan Waclawek      01/06/12 14:32      
      DPTR = 0x0022      Amit Sengupta      01/06/12 15:19      
         works OK here      Jan Waclawek      01/07/12 08:25      
            BUG in Proteus Simulator      Amit Sengupta      01/07/12 13:07      
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         incompetent document conversion?      Jan Waclawek      01/07/12 01:05      

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