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Richard Erlacher
01/06/12 21:24
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Denver, Co

#185364 - What you must read and heed ...
Responding to: ???'s previous message
There's set of instructions for "newbies" on 8052.COM. One of the things it begs you NOT to do is to use inane titles like "HELP ME" since that doesn't tell us anything.

Start by reading the instructions.


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PLease please HELP me.....      Suraj Nayak      01/05/12 10:53      
   cross posting      Erik Malund      01/05/12 11:32      
   Welcome        Joseph Hebert      01/05/12 11:49      
   What you must read and heed ...      Richard Erlacher      01/06/12 21:24      
      Data sheet and User Manual      Satish S Munot      03/02/12 06:18      
         if Suraj still has not got it done      Erik Malund      03/02/12 06:52      
            Thank's Eric      Satish S Munot      03/02/12 08:47      
   Use the AT89S52 instead...      Kai Klaas      03/02/12 08:23      

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