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Jan Waclawek
01/07/12 01:05
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#185367 - incompetent document conversion?
Responding to: Stefan Kanev's previous message
IMHO it's just result of incompetent document conversion/revision. It is not there in the datasheet revision 3 (which correctly says "within 0 to 0FFH") and appeared with revision 4 (which changed the "visual" from Philips's to NXP). There is one more change between those revisions as far as that table is concerned: the reference point of the footnote was missing in rev 3 and appeared - albeit in an incorrect place - in rev 4; compare to the original (and of course correct) version of the table in the SST89V516RD datasheet (

This still does not explain the behaviour described in the original post. If time permits I will try to reproduce it here.


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