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01/08/12 22:45
  01/08/12 22:46

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#185383 - SUCCESS!!!
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OK...I got it to program under Windows. I noticed that the SerPrgEn fuse bit (fuse 4) was programmed by default which was good. The program above is now running flashing an LED on/off on P1.0 (LED is transistor driven). But...

The RST line on my AT89ISP cable doesn't seem to be working. The chip won't program unless it's connected. But I would think that once the programming phase was complete that this line would automatically pull MCLR low to allow the program to run. But on mine it doesn't seem to be doing that.

I have a 4K7 pull up resistor on the MCLR line in addition to the RST line on the programmer. Once programmed, I have to disconnect the RST line and reconfigure the 4K7 as a pull down (essentially doing the RST line's job for it manually).

The other thing I seem to have to do is initialize the chip before I run auto program everytime I reprogram it. Still consulting the documentation on this one.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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