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Konstantinos L. Angelis
01/12/12 16:31
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#185451 - recent fingerprint module project
Responding to: Tarun Patel's previous message
A similar project was discussed in this thread

...started like this...
Intel 8051 RS-232 Interface and fingerprint module !!
Hello there
I want your help about this program.

...and after some effort ended like this...

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finger print based attendence system      Tarun Patel      01/11/12 20:45      
   Microcontroller      Michael Karas      01/11/12 22:12      
      You have to do your own groundwork      Andy Neil      01/13/12 15:51      
   i will use sim 630 fingerprint module      Andy Neil      01/12/12 13:09      
   recent fingerprint module project      KONSTANTINOS L. ANGELIS      01/12/12 16:31      

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