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Andy Neil
01/14/12 11:23
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#185489 - And there you go again!
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
The O/P asked for something quite specific.

And, as you know very well, such request are more often that not very misguided.

Why would anyone, even You, Per, consider his request impractical

Per was saying that the advice not to do this was "practical" (as opposed to "moral") advice.

He wants to do something very specific.

And very misguided

If you can't help with what he wants to do, no matter how distasteful you find it, why not remain silent?

If someone's about to do something that is bound to end in tears, why remain silent?

It's a discussion forum, where people can share their experiences - including the experience that what he's thinking of is really not a good idea...

If he'd asked for advice on how to swim, would you want him to learn to fly instead?

If he'd asked about swimming in what we knew were shark-infested waters, would it not be our duty to warn him?

Do you really think offering to help him do something he doesn't want to do will help him?

It will help him if it saves him the pain of finding that he really didn't want to do it at all in the first place!!

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