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Richard Erlacher
01/14/12 16:16
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Denver, Co

#185498 - misguided or not ... wouldn't it be more effective ...
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
... if people would explain what has to be done and, therefore, why it's impractical, misguided, or whatever, rather than simply stating that it's impractical, misguided, or whatever?

If a guy has a 1937 vintagel car and wants to make it run, is it totally misguided to want to do that? If he's willing to spend the money, devote the time and effort, just to make the old clunker run like new again, why would it be wrong for him to do that? Lots of people think it's worthwhile.

If he wanted to build 100 units per week, well, that would be different. That's not his goal, based on what he's said.

If you KNOW that it's impractical, illogical, misguided, isn't it at least worth explaining why, and, particularly, in terms other than, "There are better processors out there today ..."? After all, the thing he, the O/P, wants, apparently, is to make that particular MCU run.

I agree, if he wanted to swim in waters someone knew to be hazardous, it would be good to tell him of the hazards. However, embarking on this one-off mental-masturbation project is not likely to hurt anyone except him, and even then, only in the pocketbook, mainly for anatacids, aspirin, whiskey, and prune juice. It's certainly better for him than watching TV.


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