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Richard Erlacher
01/16/12 09:21
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Denver, Co

#185512 - You're quite right ... it's that last sentence
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
I fully agree, in that it depends greatly on what the situation really is. In the absence of information about that, i.e. about what experience, available equipment, ultimate goal, the O/P might have, don't we have to consider WHY he wrote that last sentence? Clearly, he has read some of the other requests for help in resurrecting old hardware, wherein it is far too common to have many people chime in with, "Don't do what you want! ... Do what WE want!" which is why he exhorted us not to do that.

It would, indeed, be helpful to know what, exactly, the O/P's goal is. Is he wishing to resurrect an old piece of hardware to which he has some hotorical/emotional attachment, has he a unit that needs a "tweak", or is he foolishly considering using a no-long-available product in a project for future use.

In the absence of that information, it serves no one to tell him not to do what he wants. Instead, it might be wise to ask him just exactly why he wishes to do that. What's the underlying purpose? Does he want to do it simply because he has a few units? Does he want to do it because a product uses that MCU and he wishes to modify them? It certainly doesn't help to recommend using a different, more "modern" MCU in those cases.

In general, I believe asking a few more questions serves everyone much better than immediately telling the O/P that he's wrong.


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