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Per Westermark
01/16/12 23:05
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#185516 - Don't confuse recommendations with "don't do"
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
He isn't receiving "don't do". He is receiving suggestions that alternatives may be better. That is a huge difference. Do read Andys first post again, since it is 100% obvious that you have either missed it, or forgotten what he did write. Come back and tell me what part of that sentence that said "don't do what you want! Do what WE want!"

And the most important issue here is that the OP should realize that when visiting a web forum to ask for free advice the OP also throws away all right to expect other forum visitors from making suggestions the OP may not be interested in. That is what you get from "free". Paying a consultant, you can have that consultant waste your money by balancing chairs on a single leg. But that is totally irrelevant here - the OP will just have to accept that he isn't in the position to control what suggestions he/she receives.

The only way the OP can direct the direction of a thread is by giving specific feedback that makes it meaningful to direct answers in that specific direction. But that is done by supplying positive feedback. That final sentence added was more a "I have my fingers in my ears. They will stay there and I'll keep my eyes shut until people answer what I expect them to answer."

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