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Neil Kurzman
01/16/12 23:28
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#185517 - USB?
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
forget the should / should not.
look at how:

*A USB Programmer Options? Get a Programmer for A USB 8052 Chip. Write Code For that chip to program the First. (NO)
*Get a USB to Serial Converter and Get a Programmer for A 8052 Chip. Write Code For that chip to program the First. (NO)
*Find a USB to Parallel converter That can be used as a Parallel Port ( Not All Can) Get a driver that supports this (FTDI?)
Then Write PC Code to program it.

The OP Thinks there is a simple Atmel like circuit that he can build in a night, down load some code and go. I do not believe this is the case. If there was it would not be USB. It was all RS232 and LPT Ports back then.

I do not think what you want exists. But, If you find it Post back for the next guy.

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