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David Prentice
01/17/12 03:31
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#185524 - What is the octothorpe?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Donagh Choghlan said:
At the moment Iím trying to get a conditional statement to work in Keil.
Here is my code in assembly

IF A>=#0x03
;an other variation of it is
IF A=#0x00


It compiles without a bother but when I run the code it does not react the way I was hoping it would, does anyone have any suggestions?

I am not sure what the hash sign does in Keil. It should understand both 0x12 and 012h as expressions.
As a general rule, IF will be expanded if the expression is non-zero, and not if zero.

I would avoid using a single = as a comparison operator. I know that the Help Examples use it. Use EQ or ==.

Note that to test for inequality you can do:
IF expr - value

But I find it less intuitive.

You should also find you can use whitespace in parenthesised expressions. This is for your benefit.

Untested. I am not a Keil expert.


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