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Richard Erlacher
01/17/12 19:25
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Denver, Co

#185546 - It's all in what you think you see.
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Just to be clear, the Original Poster, Alex Volk, wrote,
Alex Volk said:

Im looking for simple schematic of programmer for w78e501/516/509, etc chips.
Unfortunatelly I dont have LPT, but only USB ports.

PS: and plz, keep out with moral advices to use other mcu.

He didn't indicate what his purpose was, so we can't assume anything.

I disagree as to your interpretation of that final sentence. I believe, as I previously stated, that he'd already seen lots of exhortation to do other than what an O/P wanted, and to do something entirely different, e.g. use serial I/O instead of parallel, use a different MCU, write the code in HLL rather than ASM, etc.

What I think I see is a plea for help in finding a schematic of a programmer for the MCU he's using. He doesn't ask for recommendations of any sort, and, in fact, he begs us not inundate him with recommendations to do/use something he doesn't want, as this group often does. Apparently he's already aware of that tendency, which suggests he's not unaware of the forum history.


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