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David Prentice
01/19/12 08:15
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#185566 - Are you serious?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:

Learning how to use the internet wisely is the important lesson.

cheap fatty sausage
whatever you get from the net is worthless un less you are able to code the routine(s) yourself. If you do not have the capability to fully understand the routine(s) you will be stuck with "the little fix" that always is required to use downloaded stuff

This seems a little conceited. I used printf() or ctime() well before I understood how they worked, or how to code them myself. Even now, I see little point in writing them myself. After all, there are fully working implementations out there.

I do see that it is 100% important to read and understand the documentation. And even more so, to follow the rules meticulously.
It is also wise to have an open mind, and write my own test routines to verify the documentation.

The punter who can almost code everything herself is more of a liability than she who makes wise use of prior knowledge.

You will seldom need to write ASM for most modern microcontrollers. However it is useful to be able to read ASM on occasions to understand the efficiency of a HLL compiler.
if you need to "understand the efficiency" you should not use C in the first place, Even more important is that you are able to "think ASM" since 'C' assumes that all I/O is taken care of (fopen - fread - ...) and I/O is so close to the hardware that "thinking C" will get you lost. I am NOT discussing what language to write it in, I am discussing the mindset.

I understand your point of view. I agree that it is sensible to think in your language of choice. If it is elegant in C it is generally fairly efficient.

At the same time reading a language is very different to writing. I will quite happily read ARM or MSP430 with no intention of ever writing in those assembly languages. However you only ever need to do this when you have some critical timing. 99.95% of application code area is not critical. Sometimes the remaining 0.05% of code space can use 50% of execution time.

using debugged library code
even 'debugged' (it often is not) you still, in most cases, need to adapt a bit, thus 'using' is crap, 'understanding' is correct.


Yes. Of course you need to adapt. e.g. from 93c46 specific code to a 93c66.

Anyone not prepared to read, understand, adapt has little prospect. We all had to start somewhere!


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