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Richard Erlacher
01/22/12 18:38
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Denver, Co

#185630 - It's the instruction set ...
Responding to: ???'s previous message
While i freely admit I've used 805x-core MCU less than others, I freely admit that it has the most comfortable instruction set for microcontrol application that I've encountered. It makes no attempt at being a general-purpose computing engine, hence, makes no compromises in favor of that goal.

It has "features" that are, perhaps, a bit arcane, particularly from the viewpoint of general-purpose processor user, but, one doesn't have to use what one doesn't like. Some architectures have features or instructions that, by their very nature, get in the way of doing things simply and clearly. This one does not.

Years ago, I decided on the 805x because it had the MUL and DIV instructions, purchased a 'C' compiler, yet never have used any of them. The I/O-targeted instructions are so inherently "useable" that the thing is just "handy."

Since I use the MCU as just another piece of hardware, rather than as a computer, this has worked out well for me.


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