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Erik Malund
01/23/12 06:40
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Mt Airy, Nc

#185635 - new '51 derivatives appearing monthly
Responding to: ???'s previous message
"Why would you want to use that family? It's so old/outdated."
if so, why are new '51 derivatives appearing monthly
if so, why are e.g. IR using the ;51 core for their recently introduced motor controllers

Me personally, I think the pin out is a very convenient pin out and the instruction set makes coding them in assembly a breeze compared to that of a PIC microcontroller.
the pinout does not matter but, for a number of applications, the instruction set does

When there are "more modern/updated" uC's on the market with on chip oscillators, more on chip peripherals, higher I/O source/sink capability, etc etc...why is the MCS-51 family still your preferred uC family of choice?
if you have a look at e.g. the SILabs f12x series you will see that "with on chip oscillators, more on chip peripherals, higher I/O source/sink capability, etc etc" does not hold water.

I am, currently using the ARM when that is the best choice and the '51 when that is the best choice, which, basically, end up as a project size question.


PS the PIG instruction set is atrocious.

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