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Neil Kurzman
01/23/12 14:31
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#185642 - The PIC is as Old as the 8051
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
And it is alive and kicking too.

It is easy to create an 8bit Micro. Many grad students do it. The Key is the tool chain. The Debuggers assemblers and compilers.

Old does not mean useless. Why are you using those old screws. They have not been updated in years. FR4 PCBs? how old is that stuff. Unlike the wiz bang WWW embedded programmers solve real problems. They are not pushing the the edge that hard. The best CPU is the one that has the best support and the best tools. Since most will do about the same job. At some point a quad core Pentium will not make your car run any better than the chip it has ( I would guess ARM not '52, but the point holds for 8 bits).

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