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Valentin Angelovski
01/23/12 19:54
  01/23/12 20:04

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#185645 - Why is it my preference?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Hi Jon,

Short answer: because I can do this with one.. :-)

Slightly longer answer: While I too no longer use 'classic' (read low-speed & resources) members of the MCS-51 family, as others have mentioned there are many modern (and more capable) devices that supersede their older brothers..

One of the key strengths is it's boolean processing capability, allowing for compact virtualisation of hardware through software. Of course, virtualisation capability is dependent on a number of factors, though generally speaking modern variants would broaden the scope of applications that could exploit this feature more thoroughly

Another key strength of the MCS-51 family - it's already a standardised embedded system (i.e. standard timers/uart/pio etc) that is still available from multiple vendors and not just a (insert current 32-bit model here) processor core with proprietary crap bolted onto it.. just my $0.02

Valentin Angelovski

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