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01/30/12 08:42
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#185727 - Power-On Port Status Problem

Iím not good at programmingÖ
Iíve done a basic circuit with AT89C2051.
It has 2 input button and 10 output (relay).
When button 1 pressed, output relays will sequentiallay work 10 seconds and after stop.
When button 2 pressed, output relays will sequentiallay work 8 seconds and after stop.

My problem is;
At the power-on, microcontroller is doing itís Portís ďlogic-1Ē
Iíve written programís first rows;
P1 = 0
P3 = 0

However, at the power-on for a little time , microcontroller is doing itís Portís logic-1Ö !!! (P1 and P3 is FF)

How will I change microcontrollerís Reset (PORT) values so as to "Logic-0" ?

BASCOM program is below ;
(Micro-C version has given same result.)

Dim time as byte

Declare Sub Relay_Cont(time as byte)

$CRYSTAL = 11059200

'* Reset all the ports *
P1 = 0
P3 = 0

'loop forever
if P3.2=1 Then Call Relay_Cont(10)
if P3.3=1 Then Call Relay_Cont(


Sub Relay_Cont(time as byte)
set P3.7
wait time
reset P3.7

set P1.0
wait time
reset P1.0

set P1.1
wait time
reset P1.1

set P1.2
wait time
reset P1.2

set P1.3
wait time
reset P1.3

set P1.4
wait time
reset P1.4

set P1.5
wait time
reset P1.5

set P1.6
wait time
reset P1.6

set P1.7
wait time
reset P1.7
End Sub

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