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Michael Karas
02/10/12 08:10
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Beaverton Or

#185822 - SDCC Startup Code
I'm trying to help a friend of mine get started working with SiLabs MCUs and he does not have the money to plunk down for a Keil license and his code will be bigger than 2K bytes out of the starting gate. [As a side note: Did you know that the Keil Eval that now ships on the SiLabs CDs with the eval boards has the same limitations as the one you can download from the Keil web site? No longer does it allow 4K or 8K code size that it used to]. As a consequence of these factors I've just today downloaded and installed the SDCC tool set and got it integrated into the SiLabs IDE. I took a couple of hours to edit some C source code into a format that the SDCC compiler was happy with and then I finally got it to compile and download into an C8051F340 eval board. Unfortunately the code appeard to hangup someplace between the reset vector and entry point at main().

Now that is back on line I was hoping that someone here could help me comprehend what factors control inclusion of particular SDCC C-Startup code and if it is possible to get rid of most of it. There's not a whole lot of discussion about the C-Startup code on the SDCC users manual. I would like to supply my own startup code module to be linked directly into the program instead of some hidden thing coming from a library.

Michael Karas

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