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Robert Bowen
02/13/12 17:03
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St. Peters

#185913 - Bootloader
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Michael - Were you bored? <grin grin> This is fantastic! And very helpful. Thank You for sharing!

Additionally, AN112 from Silabs provides a lot of useful information/explination for different methods of downloading firmware to your device, - other than using the USB DEBUG adapter.

I think this "piece of the puzzle" is solved for me.

Where am I?

-Found a new 8051 device and vendor. Complete.
-Getting familiar with the C8051F020 architecture. 30% complete
-Happy with the tools/methods provided to do field updates of firmware. - 90% complete
-Development tools. SiLabs IDE and KEIL IDE - still working out the kinks. 50% complete

Next Step:

-Incorporate the C8051F020 into my design.
-Layout a board
-Test, Test, Test
-Evaluate my comfort level.

After all of this, I will be ready to write an article on how to adopt a new 8051. <grin grin>


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