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Chico Magalh„es
02/14/12 18:26
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#185968 - I agree
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
It is getting very hard get MIDI connectors

Is it?
But if you don't have the MIDI standard connectors, then you are no longer MIDI-compatible. To work with MIDI equipment will still require you to provide the proper connectors!

Yes, it is!
I cant find compatible female anymore, maybe even the male is hard to find.
Andy, my actual idea is to continue developing my MIDI and DMX devices for my own use, as I cant make it "MIDI-compatible" anymore I thought in simplify it using the same components and connectors I already use for DMX, it is less connectors in device console.

rs485 is easier to link...

Is it?

I think yes as I can conect devices in "daisy-chain", conecting each in the other one.

...easier to conect all devices together...

IS it?

Same as above.

less connectors on my devices

How so?

MIDI connectors would not be necessary anymore.

Of course, for conventional MIDI devices would be needed an interface

No - you mean any real MIDI device.

Yes, I know, but one interface can be enough for all, and "real" MIDI devices will be the "exception" for my application.

What you will have here is something that's like MIDI - but is not MIDI.

There's no reason why it shouldn't work - but it loses the fundamental point of being a Standard interface that's available on all instruments.

I know also, this is why I said "send/receive MIDI data using the rs485"
As I can no longer buy the compatible connector I am deprived of building standard devices.
Also the devices will not be completely out of standard, just some characteristics modified, with minor modifications it would again be in standard since the data remains in the standard.

I can make what I'm saying here with minor modification in firmware of my devices and also I can keep MIDI circuitry in all devices waiting for a compatible connector (in the future).
I see all this as an another feature to my devices and I just want to check if it is possible and some sugestion.
As I got here looks like it is completly possible, so thank you all for the help.

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