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02/20/12 09:57
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#186065 - RI setup
Responding to: Michael Karas's previous message
Hi Michael,

a)yes the reciever bit is set, "1"
b)yes the baud rate is set to 9600bps, TH1,#0FDH
c)yes the header file is included in the build, $include(
d)yes the crossbar is initilized in the main program to allow UART0 to operate P0.0 (tx),P0.1(rx).

I have yet to establish comms with my peripherial device, I am still troubleshooting the code before I introduce it. Everything else seems to work as i step through it except this step. I am aware RI sets when it recieves a byte from the serial port and then return to recieve next byte etc.

But problem is I cannot jump over this instruction like I can with JNB TI, $. I assume it can be jumped over regardless of recieveing a byte or not. Once I hit the jump over command the programme runs continuously and wont stop unless i hit the stop button, it should just jump over and set at the RET instruction so I can continue to single step through programme.


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