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Erik Malund
02/25/12 07:27
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Mt Airy, Nc

#186192 - sounds to me like
Responding to: Jesus Calvino-fraga's previous message
By the way, I am happy with 9.2 MHz because most of the standard serial port baud rates can be easily obtained with this frequency.
sounds to me like they realized that most want a "UART frequency" instead of some nice even number and changed it, just forgot to update the datasheets. Re wanting a "UART frequency" NXP realized that when they did the 89LPC's


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at89lp828 RC oscillator frequency      Jesus Calvino-Fraga      02/25/12 00:11      
   "about" 8 MHz      Andy Neil      02/25/12 02:04      
   Datasheet      Andy Neil      02/25/12 04:59      
   sounds to me like      Erik Malund      02/25/12 07:27      
      forgot to update the datasheets      Andy Neil      02/25/12 07:59      

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