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Jim Granville
02/26/12 14:14
  02/26/12 14:29

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#186211 - LPC Alternatives
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Jan Waclawek said:
Just to make this complete, a link to the thread where we discussed the NXP discontinuation notice (which includes the P89V51RD2 and kin).

The EOL of P89V51RD2 is easy to understand, as signs are it was not really an 'in-house' effort anyway, just a legacy support one.

Harder to understand is the EOL of P89LPC98x/P89LPC97x, which are the quite new Wide supply parts, from NXP Asia.

The other narrow Vcc ones I can understand having lower numbers, which likely makes these new Wide Vcc ones just 'collateral damage'.
Funny part is NXP imagines their M0 can replace a P89LPC98x, but marketing 'forgets' the NXP M0 is not wide vcc.

Still, there are other brands they are helping here :
Someone else DOES make small package, wide Vcc MO's (even with partly 8051 flavour peripherals )

Link: Nuvoton Wide Vcc M0 M051 Series, Mini51 Series

and there are other 'LPC 51', with less porting effort :

Link: N79E855 / N79E854 / N79E853

Link: N79E845 / N79E844 / N79E843 / N79E8432

these N79E8x devices do have emulation board support, a clone of their M0 designs, which are cheap. [NuTiny-N79E85J]

and even Holtek have some good looking 8051 due soon..

and Megawin have some overlap with NXP
Link: Megawin Std 89C51 variants

Link: Megawin Full Speed USB 89C51 variants

and their newest USB variant, fills a Hole in the 8051+USB, with a part with good 64K Flash/4K RAM/12bADC/36MHz and a USB loader.
Link: Megawin Full Speed USB MG84FG516

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