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Neil Kurzman
03/02/12 23:12
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#186373 - 2 Threads?
Responding to: ???'s previous message
The LCD?
If Yes WHAT is on the Display ? Blank? Squares on the first Row?
Who's LCD? Link to the Data sheet?
How is it wired? Is it correct? Does it have Power.
The Delay Timing is critical? If it is too short it will not work. Check your data sheet and make sure the delays are long enough. ( Yes different brands have different delays. Too Long is better than too short. Check them with a scope or the simulator.
Or is the whole thing just dead ( Xtal? Xtal caps? Vcc, Ground? Decoupling cap? Bread Board? 4 Layer PCB?) and you wasted my time? Will I be willing to help you again? We are not there, we can not see anything. And No we can not just look at the code and just see the problem ( Well sometimes, but not always)
Did you search here? Do you know how often this question gets ask? And not just here The PIC Forums too, and I assume AVR.

By the way My code does not work either and I have to ship it in 5 days if I though posting it on the internet with a PLZ help on it I would. Now if you want some help supply as must information as you can what you see and what you checked. The more you put the better your chances of getting a useful suggestion. Remember people are not sit here waiting to answer questions. It may take a full day to get an answer. Three since it is Friday.

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