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Richard Erlacher
03/03/12 08:25
  03/03/12 08:26

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Denver, Co

#186387 - Isn't that absolute as well?
Responding to: Jim Granville's previous message
Jim Granville said:
Incremental is used as a tag because it contrasts with Absolute.

An absolute encoder knows where it is thru a power failure, an incremental encoder does not.

You see your description of "rotary or linear encoders. ...2500 pulses/turn" is not sufficient information.

I can have two rotary encoders, with 2500ppr - but one is Absolute, and the other is incremental (aka Quadrature optionally with index pulse)

Many years ago I had an encoder (on a motor) that provided an index and quadrature for 512 discrete positions. The index was fixed, so it persisted through power cycles. Do you consider that one absolute or merely incremental?


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