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Michael Karas
03/07/12 23:38
  03/07/12 23:42

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Beaverton Or

#186495 - Situation Vague
Responding to: ???'s previous message
I know that your request itself was rather pointed at getting the AT89S8253 erased. Have you considered that it may very well be a whole lot less painful to just purchase some new parts that have full access enabled by default. Mouser has plenty of parts available for ordering today at just over $3 each.

Digikey has these available as well but at about a buck (~$1) more. As a matter of fact they have something like 15K of the PLCC version in stock.

On the other hand your reasoning behind wanting to erase the part and access it via the ISP programmer was not made very clear. This SerProgEn fuse may have been cleared for very good reasons that we cannot be sure about. Do you have the flexibility change out the part for another part that may be fairly easily adaptable into your setup?

Maybe consider the AT89LP51RD2 from Atmel.

These look like some are on order at Mouser.

Michael Karas

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